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Adam Hinds

Adam Hinds

Adam joined Harcourts Victoria as Franchise Development Manager in June 2015. Upon deciding to stay in Melbourne, Adam says it was a ‘no-brainer’ for him to join the team: “There’s such a sense of belonging…even when I was a business partner, they made me feel part of the family”. 


The business partnership Adam had with Harcourts developed during his successful seven-year career as the National Sales Manager of Connectnow, one of the largest utility companies in Australia. During this time, he also worked as a supplier of Connectnow products to real-estate companies.


Adam quickly fell in love with real-estate: “As part of an international brand, with state of the art technology, support, training and marketing, we are the fastest growing group in Australia. I love being part of a team that is committed to going above and beyond to ensure businesses succeed”.


Put simply, Adam’s role is to grow the Harcourts business, through the recruitment of offices and agents into the network: “I look after the new franchises from an office point of view.” By far the most important aspect of the job Adam says, is to find the right people, those who are the correct fit for the strong, unique culture of Harcourts.


Outside of work, Adam enjoys the outdoors, going cycling, participating in triathlons, and coaching the local AFL team. His role as a coach is no surprise when you consider his strong interpersonal skills, a strength which is crucial in his job as Franchise Development Manager: “You have to know what people are wanting out of a franchise, you have to be able to listen and communicate what you can offer.”


Adam credits his boss, Sadhana as being “such a good leader of people”, someone who is there to support and give guidance, but trusts you enough that you are given freedom to work independently. 


For a franchise development manager, every day is different. Adam may be prospecting today just like a sales agent, negotiating leases and completing franchise applications tomorrow, and having a one-on-one meeting over coffee with a potential franchisee the day after.


Adam realises that joining with Harcourts is not a decision to be entered into lightly. He is excited to build long-term relationships, and assures people that when they choose to partner with the company, they will receive personalised support: “I have a team who works with me to ensure that we provide exceptional guidance and assistance throughout the transition of changing brands and beyond.”


Adam builds his work ethic on the key phrases that underpin the Harcourts brand: Fun and Laughter, Being Courageous, Doing the Right Thing and People First. 


In true Harcourts style Adam says that the best thing about his role is: “You get to help people’s dreams come true”.


Adam Hinds

Franchise Development Manager

3/95 Coventry Street