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If You Don’t Like Change, You Will Like Extinction Even Less

If You Don’t Like Change, You Will Like Extinction Even Less

I’m not sure about you but as a kid growing up, my life was full of changes. Moving homes, living in different countries, new teachers, change to the decimal system (yes, that happened while I was at school), new friends, people dying – and I never ever remember my parents or teachers saying to me that change is a bad thing.

We never questioned it. In fact, we just accepted what changes were occurring, adjusted, learned new skills or ways to manage the situation and life went on.

Somewhere along the way to adulthood however we go from being people who accept change to challenging and fighting against it. When does this happen and why?

I have worked with many adults who will plot, create drama and leave organisations simply because management is making changes which will benefit the whole organisation however the individual does not see it this way.

I agree that there is a change management process that needs to be followed and people need to be engaged in the process and have ownership in the changes but my question is – at what stage do we stop accepting the fact that change is constant in our lives?

There are a number of sales agents in our industry who have never sold real estate in a market that is soft or challenging or changing.

But should that really matter?

Isn’t it all about skill sets you have that you can apply regardless of the market you work in? Shouldn’t agents be investing in more training and up-skilling themselves to suit the market?

Change is constant. To survive we need to get better at reading what the changes are and adjust our behaviour, performance, expectations and training – just like we did when we were kids.