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Inside Out

What do Master Chef and Virgin have in common?

Like me I am sure many of you have followed the success of Master Chef, the drama’s, tears, successful recipes and of course the disastrous ones.

The contestants all have the same ingredients, equal amount of time to cook their dish however what is created is vastly different in look, taste and presentation.
Richard Branson is often seen travelling in economy class talking to his clients which is his way of being a client in his business and experiencing what his client’s experience and researching ways in which the experience can be made richer.

Innovation is the one of the ingredients in each of the above examples; it’s what keeps a business alive and fresh.
Where are you looking for innovative ideas?  Your competitors – often this just makes you the same as them. Some of the best ideas come from other service industries.
Innovation doesn’t have to be big, complex and sexy; often the simplest of ideas work the best but it does need to exist in all parts of your business.
However, innovation equals change – are you and your team ready for this?

 Consider the following:
•    To our clients we all look the same, what sets us apart is how we deliver service at point of interaction that is different and relationships we build and nurture.  
•    Our business can be ruled by the market place how does the market place see you?
•    From the customer’s perspective your business exists only to create value for them
•    Clients are looking for an experience that engages them with your business

A successful business today is innovative, resourceful, agile, connected and memorable.  However, a number of ingredients go into creating such a business. Here is a checklist with some ideas for you to consider:
•    Do you have a business plan?
•    Have you set goals?
•    Have you done a recent human resource audit?
•    Do you survey your clients?
•    Do you have an intuitive database in place?
•    A prospecting plan for property management and sales
•    Marketing plan and budget for property management and sales
•    Performance measurement systems
•    How are you creating memorable experiences and building relationships with your clients?

Your challenge is to be innovative, agile, connected and memorable in these areas and many others because the other option is to be seen as the same as every other agent in your market place.
 How are you becoming a trusted advisor and creating a value for your client that makes you first choice?

Profitability in your business is directly linked to each of the above areas and many ideas that may work for you do not need to be complex or expensive.