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Creatures of the 24/7

Once upon a time, not that long ago in fact, we knew we were going to get “quiet periods”, there was predictability around what customers wanted, disruption wasn’t a buzz word, devices such as mobile phones and IPad’s were not additional appendages and the world was not moving at the pace it is today.  

Yet we are regularly told that even though the pace of change has been fast, it is in fact slow compared to what is about to happen. 

There is so much technology, so much information, so much to understand, to think about, to get across and get done. Add to that the expectations from our clients on service delivery which is often being driven by what they receive in other sectors. In their eyes if they can do it, why can’t you?

We find ourselves speeding up to cope with what is occurring around us. We juggle multiple issues often not really giving each issue our full attention. We have become “just in time” or “deal on the run” teams in business. 

We scan emails as quickly as we can, often responding with no pleasantries, we start early, we work late. Add to all of this our insatiable desire to be connected to multiple social media outlets, we facebook, tweet, Instagram, linked in and then wait for the beep to tell us someone has liked or shared our posts. We walk around with our phones constantly in our hands and at the extreme even take it to the bathroom just in case we miss something important. 

The pace of technology, the changes we are experiencing and the demands of our clients is not going to slow down, it will get faster. How do we keep up going forward if we are barely keeping up now?

We need to get very intentional about everything we do, to understand what is a priority, what is dollar productive and what activities will give you the best return on the investment of the most important collateral you have – your time. 

Never before has the ability to say no been so important. It is a lesson I have learnt the hard way. My team have often said to me… “Sadhana you need to learn to say no”. I ended the year last year exhausted and it has taken me months to start to feel normal again. I am learning how to say no to things that will not get me closer to where I want to be or what I want to achieve. I set my personal and business goals every year, print them up and put them on my shower wall. This year I am not just focused on what I want to achieve but what I need to say no to as well. I was often concerned that if I said no and missed out I would perhaps be giving up on something that would be vital to me. However when I tried to do everything I became exhausted, tired, irritable and ran the risk of making poor decisions. 

What I have learnt is that my success actually hinges on my ability to say no, to focus on those key tasks that are going to get me closer to my goals, to focus on activities that are going to produce the best results and to create a structure in my day that will enable me to perform at my peak. 

As a sales agent my advice to you is to get very clear on what you want to achieve this year and the activities or actions you need to do. 
Then make two lists. The first list is all the non-dollar productive activities that you are currently doing that you can delegate to someone else or stop doing. Perhaps consider adding a PA to your team who can take on these tasks for you. 

The second list is your actions list, what activities do you need to do every single day to get you closer to where you need to be tomorrow. 

Ensure these activities are in your diary and you action them every day. This must become a non-negotiable. Review these actions every morning and activities every evening to ensure you have achieved what you planned to do. 

You don’t get to replay time, this day, this hour so you can do it better. Start focusing on activities that are going to get you closer to your goals because it is in today, right now as you read this blog that you are creating your tomorrow and you will never get a rerun at tomorrow. 

Time is a precious commodity and you have to use it wisely, I would urge you to ask yourself these questions – 
a.    What am I willing to not achieve? 
b.    What distracts me?
c.    What makes me unhappy?
d.    What isn’t really that important or relevant?
e.    What are the things that get in my way?

The answers to these questions is what you need to stop doing, the distractions you need to eliminate. 

Success in real estate is driven by the following attributes
1.    A business plan to keep you on track 
2.    Consistency of activities
3.    Strength of relationships
4.    Numbers – increase your connections = increased opportunity for listings
5.    Focus

We are almost half way through the year, the predictions for the next 12 months are that demand will outstrip supply which means that price points will continue to increase. Ensure that you are the agent in your market place who is focused on dollar productive activities, you have the most boards, you make and get most of the calls, you make more connections than anyone else. 

Predictions are that 2018 will see a “slump” of sorts in our markets, if this were to happen you want to be the agent with the most market share because you were focused on the actions, the relationships, ensuring that you continue to get absolute most of the business – “make hay while the sun is shining today”

I am learning to say no, to disappoint people and most importantly I know what to ignore, and what I need to focus on – activities that will get me closer to where I want to be.